Sunday, 28 April 2013

Slight differences

Let's start with general genetics: "What is DNA and what is for?" and "How could we be apparently so different among us but at the same time the same species?"

For answering the first question we will start with the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology:

The DNA is our particular library, essential for life. We have all the necessary information encoded in a combination of four nucleotides (A, T, G and C). This library has hundreds of books, which we are going to call RNA. We have a lot of different kinds of RNA, which maybe is boring and not what you are looking for at this blog. So let's say that this RNA should be translated into proteins to be useful for a cell. These proteins will work independently or as a subunit of a big complex to make what is required.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Once upon a time

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the world of science!

I am pleased to announce you the beggining of this blog: Genetics and Beyond. I would like to show everyone all different aspects of Genetics and Biology that are usually encoded under technical words quite difficult to understand. I will try to answer questions like: what is Genetic Engineering and what could it do for us? Is it ethic to manipulate gens? Why endogamy is so bad for a species? What determine our eyes colour? Is it everything inheritable? Which advantages has infidelity for animal survival and evolution?

Also, I would like to explore the history of Genetics througout the most important personalities of this world and explain some of the diseases that are affecting human beings.

Science is part of the XXIst century culture, so prepare yourself, take a seat, and enjoy. Future is already here -and has been here for thousand years-.

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